Ammkette Laptop Sleeves

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  • DESIGNED IN ITALY: Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design. We want our consumers to experience the best, that is the reason our laptop bags & Sleeves are designed in Italy to provide superior quality bags.


  • NEOPRENE MATERIAL: Our laptop bags/Sleeves are designed with high-quality neoprene material to provide extra sturdiness and protection to your laptop due to the property of neoprene i.e. it exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range.


  • DUST & SCRATCH PROOF: Amkette laptop sleeves are designed to be dust and scratch proof so they can withstand harsh condition. To protect your laptop against unwanted dust, it’s a must-have accessory to carry your laptop around and work comfortably anywhere.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT: All of the Amkette Laptop sleeves are designed lightweight to make them portable friendly. The weight of these sleeves is so less that you might forget you are carrying anything along with your laptop.


  • THE AMKETTE ADVANTAGE: HASSLE FREE 6 MONTHS MANUFACTURING WARRANTY from a company that has valued customer for over 30 years. For any assistance, you can always call our customer care number 1800-11-9090.
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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm