Artis 1000VA Line Interactive Ups

The 1000VA Line Interactive UPS is compact and offers greater comprehensive power protection against surges and spikes. This UPS will continue providing stable power to connected equipment for upto 30 minutes. It comes with a 2 year warranty.

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  • Up to 30 minutes of backup depending upon the load levels of the equipment connected
  • Wide input range: 140-230V AC.
  • Smart and Fast Battery Charger
  • Superior microprocessor control
  • Microcontroller insures high reliability
  • Buck/Boost AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Auto Restart while AC mains recovery
  • Provides AC overload protection
  • Simulated sine wave output
  • BIS Certified
  • Off mode charging , Cold start function & generator compatible
  • Green function (No load cut off)
  • Net Weight: 8 Kgs
  • Dimension (D X W X H): 320 X 130 X 182
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